📁 Nike Nike Yoga 
Role — Creative Director
Yoga stands out as an incredibly accessible sport, requiring only an open mind and a willing heart to practice, enriching both our on and off-mat experiences. However, modern yoga culture can often feel overwhelming, focusing on perfect poses and exclusive settings, particularly on the digital space. To promote a more inclusive vision of yoga that prioritizes progress and fosters a sense of belonging, Nike worked with us to launch Nike Yoga. 

With an ethos of “If you have a body, you can do yoga”, we created a diverse and accessible space for all to explore and reach further in their practice. Think of Nike Yoga as a culture-first magazine, with quarterly issues showcasing content franchises curated in partnership with Nike Yoga Editors, alongside community-generated content. Whether you're aiming to touch your toes, reduce stress, or set new goals, there's something for everyone here to support and inspire your journey.  
Agency — Day One
Narrative — Colleen Kelsey, Clara Malley, Trey Taylor, Keshvar Alikhani, Fico Ramirez, Vivian Tam
Art Direction & Design — Jena Salvatore, Fiona Ye, Juriel Furukawa, Celina Pereira
Production — Kelsey Demarco, Jacque Murdoch
Director & Photographer — Ethan Newsmeyer, Levi Walton, Talent Self-Capture

Nike Yoga celebrates all form of yoga practices every where, every moment. 

Posing Questions
Off the Mat
Creating Space
Yoga Tested
Evergreen/Daily Inspiration
Debunking Myth

1-Minute Meditations


An album and flow made for Yoga, launched on International Yoga Day in 2021. Collaborating closely with Nike Brand Creative and Something Special Studios, Day One owned the promotion strategy and storytelling for this unique project and highlighted the various partners involved.

In partnership with Something Special Studios and Nike.