Role — Creative Director
Nike approached us in October to help with Air Max Day, their annual celebration of Air's past, present, and future, with the overarching theme of "Feel the Unreal," embracing a surrealistic approach. Introducing the Air Max DN, a new and innovative take on Air, Nike aimed to engage Gen Z, who may lack the same emotional connection to Air Max history as older generations. Our challenge was to build awareness and excitement on Air Max history, paving the way for the Air Max DN launch. 

To achieve this, we conceived an episodic journey delving into the history and mystery of Air Max, featuring archival objects and tall tales surrounding the franchise. Each episode, shot in Nike Archive Center DNA, would explore a core myth or real story, with our host guiding viewers through the background and archives to determine its authenticity. Playing into the nolstalgic approach, the series featured a retro look and feel that felt inviting and informative. 
Agency — Day One
Narrative Lead  — Irene Kahling, Clara Malley
Designer — Juriel Furukawa, John Portis, Brandon Galosi
Strategy — Desmond Jones
Production — Adam Argersinger, Joint PDX
Director & DP  — Anton Du Perez
Editor — Ann Lupo
Talent — Annie Rauwerda, Matt Williams

Our hero set featured a retro look and feel, provided a warm and inviting backdrop across all four episodes, offering visual continuity. To add a personalized touch, we incorporated elements relevant to each specific episode, like jungle elements for the AM Safari and beach chair set for the AM Plus. 

Each episode also had Matt on his podium hovering his hand over a large red button, lighting up either the TRUTH or AIR Lightbox, adds a playful and consistent reward device. Plus, we'll sprinkle in current styles of the AM throughout the corresponding sets, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience.
Annie's outfits changed in every episode to match the world and tone of the Air Max story she shared, adding a personalized touch to each tale. While additional props or accessories for Annie's intros were introduced, they were aligned with the overall tone. As a subtle nod to the theme, Annie wore the current version of the Air Max being discussed in each episode, serving as a fun visual Easter egg for viewers to spot. Additionally, the Nike DNA expert wore items from Sportswear that resemble a uniform, lending them a serious yet athletic edge, perfectly fitting their authoritative role.