Role — Creative Director
To help Nike become everyone's go-to style guide, Day One teamed up with tastemakers in the industry. Recognizing that nowadays, inspiration springs from our feed rather than traditional media, we embraced this shift wholeheartedly. We recognized that personal style goes beyond just picking clothes; it's about how you express yourself and strike that perfect balance between making a statement and sticking to your staples. 

So, we took a "real talk" approach, sparking candid, playful conversations centered around Nike products with our style mavens.The game plan was crafting five social franchises packed with inspiration and education to empower self-expression with Nike gear. Focusing on telling authenthic style stories, we featured our talents through bespoke sets, tailored interviews, and eye-catching photography, spreading the campaign far and wide across Nike channels, Nike.com, email, paid media, and the app.  From the "POV Style" Video to "3 Ways to Wear" and beyond, we served up content that wasn't just informative but also fun, encouraging folks to embrace their unique style with Nike's products.
Agency — Day One
Narrative Lead — Irene Kahling, Colleen Kelsey 
Art Director — Celina Pereira
Producer — X15, Grace Antino
Director & Photographer — Lea Wrinkler, Ethan Newsmayer
Director of Photography — Isaac Sokol, Maria Alvarez
Stylist — Mel Renee
Set Designer — Elaina Sullivan
Set Assistant — Joanna Sullivan
Hair — Andrita Renee
Talent — Reign Judge, Miyako Bellizi, Tia Adiola, Cynthia Erivo, Yasmin Guerts