Role — Creative Director
Converse tasked Day One with devising a series to engage Gen Z males, centered around their iconic Star Chevron silhouettes. With just under two months, we swiftly developed a concept: a humorous mockumentary series featuring Alistar Chevalier, Converse's biggest superfan. Alistar's journey unfolded over four episodes, blending human interest stories with historical insights into the Star Chevron's evolution and its influence on skateboarding, basketball, and style. To maintain the mockumentary style, we utilized various camera techniques, incorporating archival footage seamlessly into the narrative. 

Awkward cutaways, off-set scenes, and dynamic zooms added to the humor, while alternating between HD documentary and VHS archival footage conveyed a sense of modern nolstalgia. Alistar's Converse shrine, curated with personal flair rather than rigid guidelines, served as a backdrop reflecting his passion and the vibrant Converse world. Our series captured the essence of Alistar's unique perspective, successfully engaging audiences and showcasing the timeless appeal of Converse.

Agency — Day One
Narrative Lead — Emma Sullivan, Eli Williams
Script  — Alexis Castro, Izzi Snider
Art Director — Grant Gulla
Designer — Fiona Ye
Production — Winnie Wan, Grace Antino, BYT
Director  — Anthony Leslie Prince
Director of Photography — Brett Arndt
Editor — Nnamdi Nwige, Jake Schwartz
Visual Effects — Brendan Cook
Wardrobe Stylist — Tiffani Williams
Wardrobe Assistant — Myles Colbert
Set Designer — Lluca Freeman 
Set Dresser — Dre Massaad
HMU — Maria Ortega
Talent — Jasper

Alistar's Converse shrine houses museum-worthy treasures, yet each item is showcased with a cozy, homey charm rather than a formal, upscale display. Sneakers, posters, and other memorabilia are lovingly curated by Alistar, reflecting his personal taste. 

This space serves as a window into Alistar's unique mind and his deep connection to the world of Converse, offering us a privileged glimpse into his passion-filled universe.

Alistar's style is all about embracing fun, nerdy, and quirky vibes, reflecting his vibrant personality with every outfit. He loves adding his own special touch by scouring local thrift stores for unique finds like crochet vests, and oversized glasses, paired with playful accessories such as tweet jackets, patterned sweaters, and comfy flannel shirts. 

With a fearless spirit, he enjoys experimenting with unexpected combinations, making each ensemble memorable and full of personality. You'll often catch him rocking relaxed trousers or jeans, perfectly completing his one-of-a-kind look with ease.