The strategy

Recess was founded on the idea of being more than just a consumable; a feeling that people can experience beyond just the drinking of a beverage.

The editorial site brings Recess to life through engaging content.

The logo 

The liquid quality of the logo reflects the ability to adapt and evolve.

Its texture, shape and color encapsulate the unique identity of the brand.
Creative Direction and Editorial Strategy

The core strategy of the site is to present Recess as a feeling that can be tapped into at any time. Content pillars such as Made, Found, and IRL provides a diverse range of material for readers to “take a recess” with.

Original writing, visual exploration, and curated features engage Recess’s audience. While each content type possesses its own unique artistic style; they come together conhesively on The Antidote and embody what it means to be calm cool collected. 

where you can learn things of varying importance.

This & That
a brief analysis of the things we find on the internet.

home to calming digital experiences of all shapes and sizes.

calming digital experiences for the moment you’re in.

sonic portals from our brain to yours.

a calming place free of anxiety, insecurity, or scattered thought.

Subject Matter
a series highlighting creative beings from any field.

The Way
explores all the different ways to consume Recess.

Recess in the real world.

The site

Recess created the editorial site with a vibrant and playful user experience. 

Design Recess x Virtually Real    Development Stink Studios     Font Day Job 


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