Creative Roll Call

Open call to creatives to share their quarantine creations. Selected 8 winners were sent free cans of Recess.

The campaign drove 39500 impression, 63,776 organic reach and 1556 followers in a couple days with no ad spend. 

Venmo Campaign

For Black Friday a campaign was launched to drive organic reach by encouraging our followers to share our posts. Shares were rewarded with a $3 cash reward through Venmo. The campaign was widely reshared 1100 times within 6 hours and increased our conversion rate by over 500%. The campaign was later covered by Adweek

E-mail Newsletter

Weekly content aimed to engage our audience through thought-provoking content and original creations. The series was well-received by the audience and served as a brand-building channel, driving significant DTC revenue. The newsletter was covered by Digiday and talked about here

Social Media Strategy

Engaging with customers through instagram posts and stories lead to new ideas and strategies for future marketing campaigns.